Illustration: Jonathon Juvenal for the Product Leadership book.

Product Creation is a Team Sport: Part 2

How to develop team talent and mentor a product team.

Developing Product Team Talent and Career

Almost all value in the creation of modern digital products is the result of human efforts.

Aligning Product Vision to Individual’s Work

Directed Discovery embodies human centered product and design principles where the user breaks the tie.

Autonomy = Accountability

The ideal framework provides structure for daily decision making while still allowing for spontaneous or opportunistic adjustments.

Connecting Product Frameworks to People Growth

If You’re Not Mentoring, Something Else Will Fill the Gap

Great talent won’t tolerate an unsupportive or silent leader.

Do The Hard Work: Sit Down and Talk

More than anything else, people want to be challenged, recognized and respected.

Start Career Conversations with the Big Picture

The Questions That Matter

The Younger Version of Yourself is a Window to The Future Self

Designing, making, building and improving are just some of the qualities of play that might translate into a product team skill-set.

Raise Your Vision Above Time, Trends and Tech

It’s also worth underlining that the idea of designing your career also applies to the product leader too. Use it on yourself.

Developing Hard Skills

Developing Soft Skills

The soft skills are actually the hardest to learn. Maybe we should stop calling them soft skills.

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