Counteracting The Counterintuitive Nature of Product Management

Product management appears to be full of contradictions and conundrums, but it’s not as messy as it seems.

“there’s a person in my life I just do not trust. Even though I spend a lot of time with this person, I just do not trust them. Like, it’s embarrassing to say, but I don’t trust their motives, I don’t trust them to follow through on anything. And that person is me.” — Sendhil Mullainathan


“When should I seek consensus?”

“When is a quick decision better than a consensus-driven decision?”

“Type 1 decisions are not reversible, and you have to be very careful making them. Type 2 decisions are like walking through a door — if you don’t like the decision, you can always go back.” Jeff Bezos


“So when should I run experiments?”

“Okay, so when should you avoid experiments?”

Voice of the Customer

“When should I listen to customers?”

“When can I ignore customers?”

Discovery and Learning

“When should discovery and learning be prioritized above growth?”

“When should growth be prioritized over discovery?”

Overcoming Your Own Imposter Syndrome

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