Why product creators must hold seemingly contradictory concepts in their heads at all times to manifest their dreams.

Putting yourself in teacher mode forces you outside of your internal monolog and into the realm of understanding.

We’re rushing to the finish line without asking why or how it’ll improve product value or team health.

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Product management appears to be full of contradictions and conundrums, but it’s not as messy as it seems.

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We, the leaders, are stuck in a self-perpetuating doom loop with no one to blame but ourselves.

Why making great product teams is so hard, and what leading companies are doing differently to create high-performance teams that trust each other.

How To Intentionally Design A Money Making Product Machine

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Design Is Good For Business

The good news is that Design makes businesses money. The bad news is that not everyone knows how to apply that to their business.

“My board doesn’t want me to do user testing because they say there’s no ROI on that type of work” — Director of Product who’d prefer…

Finding early adoption and ongoing product loyalty can be accelerated by getting product people involved in sales.

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I’m Dead Serious

If you just want to kick the twitter hornet’s nest, tweet “Do designers need to code?” A virtual turdstorm will follow. …

Richard Banfield

Dad, husband, cyclist, product and design transformation leader. I write books on design & product.

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